A well-managed and organised Google Ads campaign will create fantastic results, but if it isn’t developed, managed and reviewed right it is a lost investment.  At Never Average Marketing we are led by you and your business. We take the time to understand your business right from the start of the campaign.


A keyword-based tool, PPC allows you to ‘bid’ on particular keywords so that your ad appears at the top of the search results for the word. Some of these can be as little as £1 per click but the more popular keywords can be much more expensive, especially if there is high competition for the word / phrase and current market trends. A proper strategy needs to be in place here, and you need to be sure of the maximum you want to spend on the campaign or a Keyword. If competition is fierce and the bid goes higher than your plan, forget it. If you’ve worked out your budget correctly it probably won’t be worth going higher than you want to. When you have selected your keywords and won the bid the campaign starts immediately

Whenever a potential customer clicks on the ad for your website, you pay Google directly the amount you bid – we promote transparency to illustrate we work on no commissions, no kickbacks – our objections are to manage, guide and met your expectations.


However, visits to the website do not automatically mean more sales; that’s your job. We will track all the data to improve, develop and make recommendations. We leave the selling to you, but strongly guide and assist on conversations internally.

All Google Ads campaigns are on a month on / month off contract however we are investing in you and your business, so we ask for 3 months starting contract -this is a partnership and we ask for a commitment. Like all our campaigns we are very good at what we do, and we want the commitment back from yourselves. We would not suggest a campaign we didn’t feel confident will be a success or both party’s expectations were going to be met.

Partnership is imperative at Never Average Marketing Ltd

In terms of longevity, having a well-structured SEO plan for organic search results complemented by a strategic PPC campaign is the best way to succeed online.

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