Never Average Marketing tracking it what makes the difference, we use a 24/7 live tracking system – so every movement is tracked.
We track every moment of our team to ensure the areas you selected are being targeted and that every last leaflet or promotional material has been delivered.
Transparency is the key to success. The tracking system gives you peace of mind that the campaign has been actioned as requested and you can see the results. You have your own login to our website and app so you can track on the go! We even send you a detailed report the same day.
Best of all we collect all of your leaflets and promotional material from you and weigh and prepare them all for you!
We also look at a distribution strategy to ensure the marketing campaign is going to be effective within a clear strategy and planning.

We offer a number of different types of distribution

Door to Door
This is our standardised distribution service. It provides a quick and efficient way to get your material through the letterbox of a potential customer. Other non-competing leaflets or promotional material may be on the same delivery route. This service includes our chimney pot report, live GPS tracking and final report.
Hand to Hand
This type of distribution is very specialist and very effective. We will directly hand your leaflet or promotional material to the potential customers giving you a more targeted reach. For example, live events, shows, basically wherever you require or your potential client base. You can choose how many staff and quantity are handed out. We can also wear your brand to give the maximum effect. We gain all the relevant permissions with the landowner or council.
One on One
This is our premium distribution service. It ensures only your leaflets or promotional material is put through the letterbox. This gives your brand and company the full attention of the reader. This service includes a one on one meeting, our chimney pot report, GPS tracking and a final report.
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